"Matt is a great creative who has bags of talent, enthusiasm and passion. He is also a very nice guy who was well liked by our team." Creative Director, McCann I
"Mattís design, branding and web skills are outstanding which, when mixed with his never-ending enthusiasm and honest work ethic, result in an all-round design power-house which resets the goal posts for all those other designers out there.

Mattís the kind of chap whose skills should make everyone looking for a designer want to work with him, and everyone calling themselves a designer want to push him down a well."
Sophie Vaudin Robus Risk
Matt is an amazingly talented artist but also responds promptly which is critical to my business. His designs on Inversiondancestudios.com have led to increased sales and usability" James Cho, CEO, Inversion Dance Studios
"He's a smashing guy with an abundance of talent and passion" Wini Tse, Creative Director, Code Computer Love
"As a start-up business it was vital we hit the ground running and a key part of that was to ensure that our prospective clients viewed us from the out-set as professional. The first thing that anyone does on interacting with a new organisation is do a search on them and / or visit their web-site.

So we worked hard with Matt to make our web-site the best it could be against all of our peer group. While we are not a retail organisation our website is to a great extent our shop window to the outside world, and Matt has been instrumental in ensuring that shop window is as appealing as possible to passers-by and I have no doubt some of those passers-by have enquired about our products and business solutions because of the quality of the site.

Matt has a real flair for design and graphics, clarity of lay-out and understanding of site interaction and in cost terms has offered real value for money against costs we know some of our competitors or peers have paid for inferior sites."
Chris Le Conte, CEO, Robus Risk
"I am very pleased to have had the opportunity to work with Matt McRae on the logo design for my clinic. Matt was very good about getting me the design that would best suit my personal taste as well as appeal to my ideal patient base.

I was always impresssed with his timely responses and how accomodating he was with all of my questions and concerns. Matt gave me the brand that I envisioned and now my business will have a recognizable brand for years to come. We would highly recommend his services to anyone looking to boost their business."
Dr. Dino Del Mastro, Chiropractor, Vision Quest Spine & Sports Clinic
"A delight to work with - Matt is a brilliant artist who not only listens to your needs, but improvises to make your work stand out. He is very creative, innovative, and efficient - a true pro!" Grace C, CEO, Captured with Grace
"Matt is a truly conscientious worker and makes the project his own. I have been very frustrated in the past with people who only literally do what you tell them and don't join up the dots - Matt won't just join the dots for you, he will suggest them and even add a few more dots if required! But enough about dots - it's safe to say that his design skills are a wonderful asset to call upon and you won't be disappointed." Ryan Berry, Owner, Cornerhouse media Cornerhouse Media
"Matt listened to both our needs and the needs of young people. He produced vibrant, people-friendly websites that not only looked great but ultimately were highly engaging" Assitant Creative Manager, ImpAct
Matt is simply the fastest designer I have ever worked with. He does great work with a fast turnaround. He was creative with my work and was able to input a lot more than any other designer I have ever worked with.

My designs were great and it was with his creativity that it worked out so well, we communicated every day. Great person to work with!"
Wil San, CEO, MSE Planning

What I Can Do For You

Digital design (Website, e - mail, banner etc)

General Concept formation

Brand design (logo, brochure etc)

Advertising concept formation

Promo material (flyer, poster, cd art)



Production (resizes, retouch, image source)

Plus lots more! No job too small. Just ask.

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McCann Erickson

Concept & Brand design

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